Danny is working on three writing projects:

Anela’s Club by Danny Yamashiro
A Young Adult Novel

Reeling from family tragedy, a multiracial teen struggles to put her life back together and win a scholarship to Harvard.

Sixteen-year-old Anela Lee was never really wanted. She was the surprise pregnancy that kept her parents from divorcing. Unlike her big brother Jake, who grew up to be the family favorite: a high school football star with a shot at college and the NFL. Someone whose success might lift them out of poverty.

Every time their parents fight, Jake takes Anela to the local library, where she can study in peace. It’s an almost-daily ritual. When Jake dies on the field, Anela’s world collapses. Her father leaves, her mother turns to drugs, even her best friend seems to turn on her.

There’s a new job that doesn’t pay, a sort-of boyfriend with a racist parent, and a teacher who wants to help—but if Anela told her the truth about things at home, she’d wind up in foster care, and who knew where that led?

If Anela has a future, she’ll have to forge it herself. Which just might be possible, given a new Harvard scholarship program that plays to the one strength she has—writing—but also her greatest weakness: belief in herself…

Anela’s Club by Danny Yamashiro
A Screenplay

Profiles of Courage: How Traumatized Boys Became American Presidents by Danny Yamashiro
A Non-fiction Book